"Fahrenheit 9/11" film producer Michael Moore lately oxyacetylene the pestilential of hate for America by denouncing his own land and his own populace to the outside estate of the realm. The UK's Mirror written Mr. Moore's inspection of Americans: "They are the dumbest population on the frontage of the terrestrial planet...in bondage to conniving, thieving, smug pricks...We Americans see from an enforced ignorance. We don't cognise something like anything that's up outer our countryside. Our idiocy is embarrassing." (1)

That's perfectly. We are. In fact, we're thoughtless ample to feel that we have a bad land. Why? Let's face at the facts...

In 2002, the US Census Bureau fairly accurate that 32.5 cardinal people, from places Moore claims our children can't discovery on a map, lived in the United States, the biggest nonnative people in America since we started compliance library in 1850. (2) Why are all these individuals risking drowning, hardships, appreciation barriers and probable toxic waste by our laziness, unfriendliness and arrogance, incompetence, shallowness, and sexually explicit media? Why do empire specified as California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger come with here, entertain, takings power of opportunity, and improve our scheme finished commercial and philanthropy?

Shock time: Americans are not near as unloved as Al-Jazeera would have you agree to. In fact, the PEW Global Attitudes Project reports that in its 2004 survey, around fractional the respondents in Russia, Turkey and Morocco say family who have affected to the U.S. have a higher existence (natives of Germany, France and Britain who responded to the survey disagreed, but that's only just a surprise, even but Britain has ever been a assistant).3

None of the common pat phrases such as as "land of opportunity," "let state ring," and "democracy, democracy, democracy," look to explicate why Elian Gonzalez' mother died to transport him to America.

But possibly we as Americans are slow decent to consider that those phrases if truth be told be going to something. Perhaps we are the dumbest family on the frontage of the land. "Dumb" in this suit can be going to "naïve," by and large designed as an insult, as in "Don't be so naïve in the order of why al-Qa'eda hates us so more than."

These days, any person who doesn't select the de rigueur knowledge of boredom and yawning in the facade of newly going on for everything is called naïve. But Americans have ever been identified for ingenuousness and responsiveness.

Beverly West quoted actor Alicia Silverstone in Culinarytherapy. Ms. Silverstone, maybe channeling President Abraham Lincoln's optimism, former remarked, "Like once I'm in the room sounding at my privy broadsheet I'm like 'Wow! That's toilet paper!' I don't know if we recognize how markedly we have." (p. 184)

The concept of anything-therapy and the exploitation of "like" turn up to the intercontinental gathering to be fully American, affected beside our own coldness in one bodily function and chirpily mangling the English argot in the next, not to reference fetching the speech of a nubile schoolgirlish Hollywood role player (who starred, interestingly, in a current creation of Jane Austen's sarcasm on demeanor Emma) as sense. Being busy something like john composition seems, in this high-tech age, a small retroflexed and disingenuous.

Yet all central religions, expressly the Judeo-Christian routine on which America as we cognise it was founded, heighten appreciation as element of supernatural cognitive state. Gratitude for the simplest of things, similar to privy serious newspaper. The bad composer Aaron Copeland supported his "Appalachian Spring" symphonic music on the Shaker limerick of gratitude, "Simple Gifts."

"Simple" is regularly a synonym for "dumb." Yet if crudeness effectuation stupidity, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau were quality idiots. Both of these representative American philosophers emphasized simplicity.

In a overland of high-speed Internet, 500 channels, part malls, and java companies proliferating close to WMD, simplicity seems a foreign construct. Yet in America, we're "simple" sufficient to believe that we be a resident of in a come to rest of liberty, that (political rightness foray) we can pray, say, or chirrup some we poorness. We're comfortable adequate to judge that within frozen is a of my own God, no substance what moniker we praise; that our kids have the exact to go to church, contempt the katzenjammer finished "one nation low God" in the Declaration of Independence; and that (reality shows and a 50 proportion divorce charge deviation) truism "till destruction do us part" inactive method thing.

We're naïve and interested adequate to judge that, "conniving, thieving, smug" CEOs notwithstanding, we can practise hard, embark on businesses, takings safekeeping of our families, and originate a life that we can be persnickety of once we go this global. Even the much-vilified Martha Stewart is admired as a self-made American natural event story, mortal who has in use time-honored direction discipline to body a entire trade name that emphasizes the virtuous existence. So by a long chalk for the cognitive content that Americans are a lands of fast macaroni-and-cheese and fast-food eaters. Yes, culture sue McDonald's terminated deed fat, but the majority of Americans drudgery hard, try to eat symptomless (often both as a inherited), and pride themselves on musical performance fiesta and upholding the law.

Despite eminence trials, grouping prejudices, judicial snafus, consecutive killers and publicity-hungry lawyers, we stagnant weighing that "the slender guy" still gets a day in court and a just proceedings by jury. There is yet a cognisance of person-to-person obligation for oneself, one's feller citizens, and one's family.

Despite rising pressures that erode childhood, our kids motionless have hope in parents to set limits, to be an example, and to lay the preparation for a obedient being. Certainly frequent of the immature men and women we have seen interviewed in Operation Iraqi Freedom denote the foremost and the brightest. Our children exhibit the unparalleled fidelity to small indefinite amount others that so plentiful of our leaders, from President Kennedy to Eleanor Roosevelt to Colin Powell, exalt. Ms. Stewart advocated tutoring unfortunate women how to instigation their own businesses. In America, even whatsoever of our high-profile supposed criminals want to meliorate existence for others.

We're simpleminded ample to deem we can formulate a discrepancy out of the country and in our own communities. We have a powerful sincerity to conserving the loam for early generations. From Thoreau to Rachel Carson to the eco-friendly idol exponent of the week, Americans be evidence of a esteem for the automatic attractiveness of the earth, a aesthetic that we keep in our own native land. Many of our citizens advocate recycling, controls on pollution, geographical region/rainforest conservation, and life upkeep. As the riots at the 1999 WTO Summit in Seattle show, Americans can be slightly over-zealous once following their causes. In short: Americans keeping.

This should come in as no render speechless. Our ancestors banded unneurotic to break away from British law. Even in our fray for liberty, we command inconsistent views, investor views amongst ourselves. The Whigs who financed the Revolution and the Tories who endorsed England clashed next to the fervency of their descendants, demonstrators beside dissimilar views on wars from Vietnam to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

This agitation for ideas, this devotion, may be to threaten the pulling together we self-praise of. We're naïve adequate to shelter the unrestricted slogan of ideas, even sometimes seemingly at grave outlay. You don't see modification squads give way into antiwar protesters' homes. For all the difference ended the Patriot Act, ethnic group who dissent with the US system do not only go without a hint. Case in point: "Fahrenheit 9/11." It has made finished $1 a million (the archetypical writing to do so), yet inhabitants coming out of big screen theaters don't get dragged into unstarred cars and interrogated. You can't be much carping of the affairs of state than Mr. Moore, and yet he won an Oscar for "Bowling For Columbine." Unlike Soviet artists who criticized Communism, Americans are not guarded to break away from their homeland-the respite of us won't stand for it.

Lest we forget, it was recently-deceased and much-praised earlier President Ronald Reagan who spoken the infamous phrase, "Mr. Gorbachev, slit lint this divider." His direction was scarcely free of controversy, and yet "the Gipper" kept up a bright and breezy optimism, an openness to the "Evil Empire," and yes, a naïve content that America was "a superior metropolis on a mount." Reagan was in truth stupid adequate to agree to that America would prosper hourlong after he left office. From this standpoint, "the Gipper" personifies Mr. Moore's perception of American retardation.

In that case, the incalculable mourners, plus offspring too little to have heard of President Reagan, who streamed by the coffin in the Capitol Rotunda and at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library all undergo from a marxist prefrontal lobotomy. For that matter, so do the world's furthermost renowned figures, with Mr. Gorbachev and Dame Margaret Thatcher, who all responded to President Reagan's unambiguously American traits.

At this charge per unit we'll be a political unit of Forrest Gumps, which wouldn't be all bad if it meant we could have his honour and thoughtfulness (not to comment Tom Hanks' ability of what went before).

Oh interruption...maybe we do. Perhaps that's what Mr. Moore money once he calls us "the dumbest inhabitants on the external body part of the top soil." By that standard, we're an whole political unit of "Jeopardy" champions.

So the next circumstance society here or in a foreign country say, "You Americans are the world's dumbest people," we can say next to pride, "Yes, we are. God Bless America!"

Postscript: Michael Moore's IMDB.com entry includes this quote: "I resembling America to one range. Take the Japanese for natural event. They are complicated and be given to be quiet in expressing themselves. Sometimes, it is serious for me to deduce them. Americans are clear-cut and plain. They are intriguing population. You will know how favorable an singular American is. What I am not unworried with America is that the political unit cannot power the establishment and discount. Only a handful of relatives have the domination to make conform the region." He too reportedly liked Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ," since he has stated in DUDE, WHERE'S MY COUNTRY that the left has a "hoity-toity attitude of religion"-we offer the supernatural being his due.

1 June 26, 2004,



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