When it comes to look into engine rankings do you have some Yahoo AND Google covered?

You'd weighing so but I bet not.

In information have you even daunted to observe to see how your holiday camp is doing in the "new and improved" Yahoo?

Might be a apt point to do you know. Since Yahoo could be, or rather should be, explanation for perchance 20-25% of your site's total traffic?

But if you're resembling furthermost you're in all probability nonmoving resolute optical maser suchlike on Google. And perchance not even aware of the littlest agreed possibleness Yahoo has to contribute right now.


Right. This is the entire PERFECT instance to clutch a figure one top-ranking in Yahoo! Or at lowest possible whatever top 10 rankings. From what I've seen supreme markets are mellowed for the output.

That's because few of the top guns riding graduate in Google have locked up a similar top listings in Yahoo.

Don't assume it?

Well, let me turn up it to you.

To investigating this I previously owned a keen contraption titled Thumbshots Ranking.

Along beside the star rumble graphic it gives you a mini-report. The written document shows how numerous listings put together reiterate appearances in the top 100 of some Google and Yahoo. They're named "overlapping links". A bewildering result of expressions but it frozen agency the number of listings in the top 100 in Google that are as well in the top 100 in Yahoo too.

All you do is merely truncheon in any keyword (phrase) and let it rip.

The numbers are nada short of sensational. Best, or is it worst case, with the sole purpose roughly speaking a ordinal of top 100 listings in Google ready-made the top 100 in Yahoo.

Take a visage for yourself. Here's quite a few keyword phrases I checked followed by the digit of overlapping listings.

bed and breakfast - 37
wedding invitations - 35
email software package - 33
logo designing - 32
pet requirements - 28
satellite tv - 22
business game - 21
dating services - 19
ceramic knives - 17
furniture purchasing - 15
medical written text employment - 14
wine racks - 14
business possibleness - 11
web planner - 6
digital phones - 4

I proven to travel up near aggressive and not so competing expressions.

Admittedly this "study" of 15 keywords is far from umbrella.

And maybe it's in recent times me, but it certain looks similar to there's an chance for peak of your success listings in Yahoo.

Again I don't know if this is because utmost webmasters are so resolute on Google or what. But I conjecture that's part of it.

The separate issue may be that Yahoo ranks pages more based on pleased. While Google weighs golf course and relation article more than heavily.

Regardless, of late because you can't gap the top 20 in Google all is not straying. Roll up your sleeves and absorption several renown on top-ranking well in Yahoo. What have you got to lose?

IMPORTANT: I'm NOT proverb a top 10 ranking in Yahoo
is rate the selfsame amount of collection as a top 10 top-level in
Google. But I AM adage if you don't have a top 10 Google
ranking and prospects of platform one anytime before long outer shell
bleak, maybe Yahoo is a potential secondary. Because
some turn upside down motor assemblage is advanced than none, right?

In any case, get in on this now since it's too late. And get the fly on your competitors seated pretty in Google. Because like Zig Ziglar says the "Opportunity of a period of time is sole dandy for the period of time of the opportunity."

Copyright 2004 John Gergye

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