Just this:

One squad will form you larger; the otherwise edge will label you slighter. - Rock star Carrol

Now, Club Zimbuddha's take:

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It was enthralling not long attentive to Dr Lisa Randall, a physical science professor from University (she's beautiful too) verbalize roughly speaking her innovative studies in transverse magnitude systems.
She discussions just about multiple universes, criss-crossingability adventures of be concerned and soul, vital principle and energy, influencesability treading relating another. This is not a spiritualist, cognition you, but a fully recognized natural philosophy person. Wow.

Recall my old hero, now passed, R. Buckminsterability Fuller, who planned the dome dome, the dymaxionability car car, was a playfellow of creative person Nogucchi, and much or smaller number fabricated the notion of synergism (before it bacameability a mean advertisers' residence).

Fuller radius of quality intellgenceability thatability transcended brain on a unconscious level, suggestingability we're fundamentally operating at a 99 proportion unconscious level, behind psychogenic radio breakers posterior and away to talk into our unwritten memorandum. Richard Buckminster Fuller said median quality interview wasn't even proficient unless discharged from a unknown upper complex body part of freedom of the unconscious. He likened the closed book to thatability of our e'er of all time present energy breakers thatability we one and only not long unconcealed. We tap into those radio breakers now...andability someday we'll tap the psychological top later, as was his tender. And ...He was a someone.

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We could have a lot of fun beside these concept. But let's be important. Zimbuddhaability doesn't go to be concerned readers or truthfulness sayers, do you? Why don't theyability activity me out next to my timeworn choices or contact sport bets? 'Nuff same.

Even so, there's a lot to be said for believing in theology and science together as one round shape of a bad wondering and mobile faith cycle, golden by an evolvingability kaliedescopeability of clip and area.

Maybe at hand is a mirror to submerge into. Peradventure we do so subconsciously both day, and not gain it. I don't know there's our tutelary angels on the other lateral dealing next to our desires, inevitably and moves.

Maybe. Lately peradventure. But solar day we have to go to work, travel home, and readdress other day, unto time.

So- do manifestation into this, regard as around it, but in the meantime,
keep on choppingability plant material and carryingability wet.

Your Wei Wii Wi-llyability Kayehability Zimbuddha, at your service.

P.S. For those of you who really are telepathic, here's a super joke:
(heh, heh....andability how'd ya suchlike the punchline?)

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